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Making Moonshots

This book is a love letter to deep tech, a celebration of great leaps of innovation, and a playbook to help ambitious founders succeed in making future-changing deep tech projects. Rana shows us that it is indeed possible to have both crazy ambition and relentless execution. He embraces this contradiction. Making Moonshots shows us examples of innovations that promote human flourishing: advancements in longevity and climate science, great works of art. It’s a book about how to build great companies, but it’s also about how to reach our greatest potential as humans. It asks, "Why should we live in a world of incremental scientific and technological progress when the human race has proven in past eras that we are capable of so much more?" This edition of Making Moonshots is itself Alexandria’s first shot for the moon: an attempt to create a Great Library for the Multiverse, with books that are safe from loss and censorship and a focus on radically positive futures.
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Note from the author

This launch celebrates lots of things: Rahul Rana's book, the inaugural release from Alexandria, and conscious and ambitious innovation in deep tech. This digital release comes with special interactive elements including: - A collectible edition of the book. 100 copies, each with a unique cover composed of hand-drawn scenes of scientific innovation and human flourishing on the frontier. - Access to the author through exclusive Q&As. - An intimate book club with other readers of this special edition. - Access to an exclusive newsletter with ongoing additional reading recommendations from the author. Once you have your copy, join the Alexandria Discord ( and follow the instructions to unlock the Making Moonshots channels. Special public events to celebrate this launch: - Alexandria unveiling Twitter Space with Rahul Rana, Lit Protocol, and Red Beard Ventures: - Deep tech gathering and author talk at South Park Commons (NYC): 100 Book Covers by Studio Muti

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