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A second offering in tribute to the sold-out first edition.
A wintery triptych of Brooklyn stories.

Read, browse, and publish web3 ebooks. Alexandria books can never be taken down. They’re accessible globally. Mark them up, send them to friends, and save them for the next generation.

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Alexandria books are limited edition, combining the rarity of physical books with the interactivity of digital.
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Making Moonshots

Alexandria’s First Moonshot

Rahul Rana’s Making Moonshots is a book about ushering in a deep tech Golden Age.
“The outermost edges of science and technology hold huge potential. In Making Moonshots Rana writes inspiringly how our boldest, most necessary ideas are within reach, and how anyone can be on the path to reducing human suffering by way of entrepreneurial ventures. This book is a toolkit on how to do just that.”
Josh Wolfe
Co-founder and Managing Partner of Lux Capital
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Receive additional chapters, updated editions, and correspondence from the author in perpetuity. More chapters, exclusive editions, and behind-the-scenes notes. Get access to the author through events. Get discounts on future content from the author. Unlock a community of people aligned with your interests.

Read, learn, and create new things together.

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Your books are art.

For the first time, ebooks are limited edition. Gift a unique, annotated copy, mark it up, send it to a friend, or save it on your shelf for the next generation.

Your books are uniquely yours.

Escape the paywalls of Amazon and Google Books. Your book does not belong to any platform, not even Alexandria. Annotate, gift to friends, and run algorithms on top of your book—it is yours.

Your books never burn.

Alexandria books live on the permaweb. They cannot be altered or censored without leaving a permanent record of those changes. Unlike physical books, they can’t be lost or burned. They are safe forever.

Support your favorite authors.

Your money goes directly to authors. With crowdfunding campaigns, buy into an idea to support an author in writing their next masterpiece—and own part of the result.

How Authors Benefit

Receive much larger royalties.

Alexandria takes only a 15% commission and the rest is yours. This can be more than 10x what you’d receive with a traditional publisher and 3x what you’d receive with Amazon.

Capture secondary markets.

Your books are digital but they’re scarce, so when they sell out, they become valuable collectibles. You can choose to receive a portion of the royalties whenever one reader buys your book from another.

Bring readers along for the ride.

You don’t have to write alone in your shed for years before your book sees the light—unless you want to, of course! Get early feedback and financial support from readers as you create.

Control your intellectual property.

You’re not beholden to an agent or a publisher. Negotiate film rights, release new editions or future installments, donate all your proceeds—the life of your book is up to you.

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This is the future Alexandria Labs wants to create. “We were really inspired by the ancient patronage model where the wealthy classes would support the arts so that everyone can access it,” says co-founder Amelie Lasker. Hoping to be the “great library for the metaverse,” the platform will launch with a small library of NFT books that anyone can read, but few can collect.

“We want to try different tiers,” Lasker says. “Maybe there’s a more accessible, more affordable version where it’s just the ebook, and then there’s a more expensive version that has original art or some kind signature from the author—or a unique piece the author has written into it that’s only for that one copy. That creates rare books.”

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